My favorite top 5 posters from Portugal

It's not easy to choose my favorite ones! As you can see, I create art in an analogic way, with oil and acrylic, and in a digital as well. The most personal artworks are the oil/acrylic painting and at the moment I prefer this kind of process, but at the end doesnt mean that are my favorites! So, here my top 5 posters from Portugal:

Azores, Lagoa do Fogo (2016)  this is one of my favorite landscape from São Miguel and I add some balloons remembering the Ribeira Grande hot air ballon Festival. The main balloon is from Algarve Balloons, I love the colours and with the landscape arround, creating a nice vintage effect.

Lisboa, Belem Tower with a Fiat 500 (2020) I live in Belém, is my favorite neighbourhood in Lisbon and Ive good memories of this place. When I was a kid my grandfather bring me here and park his Ford Escort at the same place of this 500. I loved to play football on the grass!

Azores, Graciosa Donkey (2020), this artwork (acrylic painting) was created during the 2020 quarentine. In 2019 I visited the Franco's house (a famous cineast that create an association to protect this specie of Donkey "Burro Anão da Graciosa" It was my first time near to a donkey and I really liked, the landscape of Graciosa is amazing as well, an Island that I really recomend to visit it!

Cascais, Santa Marta Lighthouse (2016) I love this lighthouse in Cascais, one of the most beautiful that I visited it. The colours and the landscape arround are perfect! And it's on the way to Guincho, one of my favorite roads in Portugal that I recomend to do it with a bicycle!

Pasteis de Belém (2019) This poster is based in an oil painted that I created in 2019. The famous portuguese custart tart are delicious, wasnt easy at all to reproduce in a painting something so delicious without forget the cinnamon! I went several times to Pasteis de Belém during this prodution, maybe was an excuse to go there more times!

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